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Well, last year I was a total slacker on the ‘blogging front; I do intend to do better at having things worth saying this year. I thought that, in the “commit early, commit often” spirit, I would push some code up to GitHub that has just been lying around for a number of months. These projects are related only by the facts that they’re small, hopefully will be useful and need a lot more work…

Actually, in the style of Douglas Adams, this trilogy has five parts, as I recently also created a couple of other little tools that I now realise I never enumerated anywhere…

Finally, I have been greatly enjoying an odyssey through Vimcasts and this has lead me to make many updates to my dotfiles and a few small contributions to some other projects, including a promising semantic highlighting plugin, which was very enjoyable. Getting involved in that over Christmas has broadened my horizons a bit and, in no small part due to the welcoming and positive reactions from other developers, I look forward to doing more of this in future.

Right, I think that’s quite enough! Hopefully some of these will be of use to you, and maybe you could help me out with them? :-) I’m quite into test-driven development now, but am still a little apprehensive about the next move with TDD/BDD Commit; should be an adventure…

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