A web browser extension to help people navigate pages via the keyboard (using ARIA landmark regions).
AGRIP AudioQuake and Level Description Language
Making Quake playable, modifiable and editable by blind and vision-impaired gamers.

Small Software

Web Game Accessibility Explorations
Exploring the possibilities for providing semantic information from games compiled for the web to players’ assistive technologies. For more info, consult the article Game accessibility and the Web.
Experimenting with exploring charts on web pages using sound and the keyboard.
tinker apps
A collection of single-page tools to scratch itches and help me learn development techniques.
netBeep (link currently borked; sorry)
My first foray into Perl, networking code, revision control, Debian packaging and Makefiles, with many thanks to Craig Shelley.

Web tests

There’s a set of HTML/browser-related tests.


A documentclass to help you write your thesis according to university guidelines, written with Iain Phillips, based on contributions from John Whitley and Mark Withall.
Reader-friendly citations for long documents.