Allows you to navigate a web page via WAI-ARIA landmarks, using the keyboard or a pop-up menu

Landmark regions broadly signpost the areas of a page (e.g. navigation, search, main content and so on). This extension allows you to navigate a web page via its landmarks, if they've been provided by its author, using the keyboard or a pop-up menu.

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Explore landmarks via pop-up

The pop-up shows landmark regions found on the page, and can be accessed via mouse or keyboard.

Explore landmarks via keyboard

Landmarks are scrolled into view, focused and highlighted, with their label shown.

You can change how long the border appears, its colour and the font size.

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to move between landmarks directly, and you can also change these shortcuts if you're using Chrome or Opera.

Explore landmarks via sidebar

Firefox and Opera support sidebars, and you can opt for landmark regions to be shown here, too.

Tools for developers

A DevTools panel allows you to inspect the code behind the landmark regions on the page, and surfaces some best-practice warnings.

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