tinker apps

A collection of single-page tools to scratch itches and help me learn accessible development techniques.


HTML Attribute Filter
Helps tidy up code excerpts from sites, to be used as examples when writing reports.
Four Lights
Simulator of part of the Lixie Arduino libraries to prototype colour changes before coding for the device.


Tweet Drafter
Draft your tweets with nice big text and without the risk of premature sending. (Needs to be updated to reflect changed character limits.)
Colour Page
Type in a hex number and the page’s background is set to the corresponding colour.
Hex Conversion Tester
Assess your conversion between hex, binary and decimal.
Twitter-friendly URLs for Wikipedia articles with parentheses in their titles.


Commit Line
Formats test-driven development commit messages.
Simple Timezone Converter
A simpler timezone converter than I could find at the time; simply input the timezone and start time of your meeting, and the start time in your timezone is shown.