Substep Plugin

Substep Plugin

Reveal each substep (such as a bullet point) of the step separately. Just like in PowerPoint!

If the current step contains html elements with class="substep" then this plugin will prevent a prev() / next() call to leave the slide, and instead reveal the next substep (for next()) or alternatively hide one (for prev()). Only once all substeps are shown, will a call to next() actually move to the next step, and only when all are hidden will a call to prev() move to the previous one.

Calls to goto() will be ignored by this plugin, i.e. goto() will transition to whichever step is the target.

In practice what happens is that when each substep is stepped through via next() calls, a class="substep-visible" class is added to the element. It is up to the presentation author to use the appropriate CSS to make the substeps hidden and visible.


    <style type="text/css">
        .substep { opacity: 0; }
        .substep.substep-visible { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 1s; }

    <div class="step">
        <p class="substep">Orange</p>
        <p class="substep">Apple</p>


Copyright 2017 Henrik Ingo (@henrikingo) Released under the MIT license.