Mobile devices support

Mobile devices support

Presentations with a lot of 3D effects and graphics can consume a lot of resources, especially on mobile devices. This plugin provides some CSS classes that can be used to hide most of the slides, only showing the current, previous and next slide.

In particular, this plugin adds:

body.impress-mobile class, if it detects running on a mobile OS.

div.prev and div.prev to the adjacent steps to the current one. Note that the current slide is already identified by present and active CSS classes.

Example CSS

    body.impress-mobile .step { 
    body.impress-mobile .step.present,
    body.impress-mobile .step.prev { 


This plugin does not take into account redirects that could happen with skip, goto and other plugins. The active step will of course always be correct, but “non-linear” transitions to anything else than the actual previous and next steps will probably not look correct.


Kurt Zenisek (@KZeni)